Of Gods and Engines is a steam punk series inspired by scientific explorations and applications as
means for improving life yet resulting in adverse environmental deficiencies and resource shortage.
The fine pen lines of utopia are discovered in the series of watercolour paintings and pencil
drawings all of which have a hint of nostalgia and despair through colors and spaces.
Ekaterina Fasolko was born in 1993. She moved to Singapore
from Russia in 2007. Passionate about art, particularly
painting, since early childhood, Ekaterina was mentored by her
aunt - a professional artist (impressionism in landscapes) based
in Russian Federation. Ekaterina also graduated NAFA in
Western Art with distinction in 2016. 2016 was a pivotal year
for her works as she took part in UOB 2016 in emerging artist
category and sold a number of paintings privately as well as at
oncology-related charity events: Save The Box (Australia) and
Polina's Birthday Fundraising Party (Singapore). 2017 marked
Ekaterina’s entrance to Affordable Art Fair Singapore .
Ekaterina’s favourite medium is watercolours on paper. She is
especially keen about folk art, steam punk motives and realism
tel: (+65) 97327515
tel: (+65) 97327515