For the past two years, I have been exploring similarities between various often seemingly contrasting cultures - similarities in symbolism and colours of the elements of old Oriental and European people, particularly – Chinese and Slavic. Inspired, I started creating paintings that emphasise basic concepts of time and life-death cycle –important questions of the purpose and ephemerality of one’s existence- using colours so abundant across different ethnicities.

My works range from pencil to oil and the current project is folk art created in watercolours and ink. While very detailed, the paintings are laconic in terms of colours - predominantly red and black -and highly symbolic. Symbolism allows viewers to see the story through the lens of their own experiences.

My painting “Cycle of Life” portrays three aspects of life: birth, life and death. The lower part of the painting depicts horses running in one direction – representing ancestors and continuity of the heritage line. The middle part portrays material world: horses running in circle – this is the time cycle of life. The outcome of life is death where the souls – fire birds- fly free from the material world. This project is important as it addresses the fundamentals of every life on Earth – something that transcends race, age or background. This painting is the summary of the series –the rest of the works dive into details of individual elements portrayed in the “Cycle of Life”.

With the series of my latest paintings, I aim to reintroduce curiosity about folk art where a viewer can start his journey of interpreting the symbols and finding ways to relate. This can serve as a platform to realise that humans have so much in common that everything else – political, socio-economical and even racial backgrounds - is just pixelated noise in a big beautiful picture of the world and life. Another purpose of my art is to serve society –a number of my works have been successfully sold at charity events and I plan to continue donating for the causes close to my heart.

Ekaterina Fasolko was born in 1993. She moved to Singapore from Russia in 2007. Passionate about art, particularly painting, since early childhood, Ekaterina was mentored by her aunt - a professional artist (impressionism in landscapes) based in Russian Federation. Ekaterina also graduated NAFA in Western Art with distinction in 2016. 2016 was a pivotal year for her works as she took part in UOB 2016 in emerging artist category and sold a number of paintings privately as well as at oncology-related charity events: Save The Box (Australia) and Polina's Birthday Fundraising Party (Singapore). 2017 marked Ekaterina’s entrance to Affordable Art Fair Singapore . Ekaterina’s favourite medium is watercolours on paper. She is especially keen about folk art, steam punk motives and realism landscapes.
tel: (+65) 97327515  
tel: (+65) 97327515